Over Polen, vrouwen in de literatuur en Europa – twee Poolse
schrijfsters Olga Tokarczuk en Ewa Lipska in gesprek met Margot
Dijkgraaf, literair journaliste van NRC Handelsblad in Amsterdam.

20 mei 16:00 uur Universiteit van Amsterdam, Spuistraat 210, Bungehuis
voertaal: Engels, Nederlands (Pools)
Toegang gratis.

Aanmelding: kultura@polamb.nl
Zie meer site van de Poolse Ambassade http://www.polamb.nl/ned/ambasadapoleca.html#poolseliteratuur

Olga Tokarczuk – born
in Sulechow in 1962, she studied psychology at the University of Warsaw
and lives in Walbrzych. An outstanding writer and essayist and a
devotee of Jung, she is an authority on philosophy and arcane
knowledge. Tokarczuk has won many awards, including the Polish
Publishers’ Association and Koscielski Prizes and has been nominated
for the Nike
Read more: http://www.culture.pl/en/culture/artykuly/os_tokarczuk_olga

Ewa Lipska – a poet, born in Cracow in 1945.
Lipska has won the Koscielski Prize (1973), the Polish PEN Club prize
(1992) and the Jurzykowski Foundation Prize (1993). Collections of her
verse have been translated into English, Czech, Danish, Dutch, German
and Hungarian. She lives in Vienna and Cracow.
Read more:  http://www.culture.pl/en/culture/artykuly/os_lipska_ewa