“DEAFENING SILENCE” was the phrase chosen by Joseph Daul, chairman of the European Parliament’s biggest party. He was describing the Dutch government’s response to a controversial website set up by Geert Wilders’s far-right Freedom Party that solicits complaints about east and central Europeans living and working in the Netherlands. Mr Daul invited Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, to break his silence and explain his government’s position in front of the parliament.

Actually, “dismissive laughter” may have been a panfairer description of Mr Rutte’s reaction to the website. Less than a week after it was set up he was asked to distance himself from it. He refused, saying that his government could not react to every stunt pulled off by political parties.


As a carrier of a Polish passport resident in the Netherlands, I duly reported myself as having stolen a job, and can confirm that the site sends an efficient confirmation of receipt.

Gepubliceerd op Polonia.NL 17.02.2012
– Uitgever: STEP – Stichting van Poolse Experts in Nederland , lees meer over ons

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