The INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CHAPLAINCY in the Netherlands invites international (oa. Polish) students for  Ascensionday Retreat 2008: 30.04 – 03.05.2008 in Maastricht, Cadier & Keer

Theme 2008: „The Many Faces of Jesus”
Each year around Ascensionday (40 days after Easter) students from all over the
country are invited to a nice place for a two day retreat. It is a unique chance to have some time for personal reflection about yourself and for a sharing of ideas about topics relevant to global students in our time. It also allows you to meet and to make new friends.

costs: € 25, for those who have to leave on 2.05 € 20 travel costs (by reduced trein fare) will be refunded
registration: send a mail to Rev.Waltraut Stroh, and transfer € 25 (€ 20) to bank account 170 13 85, R.A. Bosch. Maastricht, for Retreat. After receiving the money your registration is definite and you will get a letter with more detailed information about the travel. Payment is binding. If you cannot come the money will only be refunded if someone else can take your place.
lanuguage: English

Wednesday 30 April
12.00  arrival at Cadier & Keer
12.30  lunch
14.00  welcome, introduction
15.00 Many faces of Jesus, speech by Prof. Martien Brinkman
18.00  meal
Emmaus walk – Jesus walking with me on the road of my life
20.30  evening prayer at the grotto
21.00  movie

Thursday 1 May, Ascension Day
8.00   morning prayer
8.30  breakfast
9.00   Images of Jesus in the bible, bible study in groups.
10.15  Jesus in our songs – singing session
12.30  lunch
14.00 Jesus visiting our world today – biblical sketches in regional groups
16.30  leaving for Tafelstraat
17.30  dinner at Tafelstraat
18.15  evaluation
18.30  walk to the station with a prayer in a church on the way
19.23 or 19.53 departure for those going home
evening programme in Maastricht, return to Cadier en Keer

Friday 2 May
8.00  morning prayer
8.30  breakfast
9.00  walking tour through Maastricht
12.00 lunch at Tafelstraat
13.00 departure

about the theme of the retreat 2008: „Many Faces of Jesus”

Every culture, every era, every place has its own image of Jesus. The Jewish rabbi from Nazareth has many faces! Do we have to decide which one is the right one? Or is it only by putting the different faces together that we come closer by Him?

In this retreat we listen to a lecture and discuss it, we read the bible and find the many faces of Jesus here, we enjoy the ways in which we may meet Jesus in songs and art, we walk and talk about the way we ourselves meet him, on the road to Emmaus. And of course, we enjoy the company of us together, being in a place where the Gospel’s Mission is taken to heart.

We shall visit the beautiful city of Maastricht, rather uncharacteristic for the Netherlands, and have a meal at the student chaplaincy there.

Be welcome
and let yourself be inspired,
and let us share togetherness and hope!

Prof. dr. Martien E. Brinkman published the book, ‘Non-western Jesus, Jesus as a bodhisattva, avatara, guru, prophet, ancestor and healer’. In this book he investigates how non-western cultures develop aspects of Jesus that remained hidden in western
tradition. He asks such questions as:
Was Jesus known in Asia and Africa, before missionaries from the West arrived?
We are happy to have him as a guest who will introduce us to this theme.

Rev. Mrs. Waltraut Stroh
(international student chaplain)
Meppelrade 185
2544 XP Den Haag
Tel / Fax: 070-3297624

see website International student chaplaincy in The Netherlands

published at Polonia.NL 04.04.2008