EPP Group unreservedly denounces the populist Dutch PVV initiative for an Internet site targeting Eastern- and Middle European immigrants

EPP Group Chairman Joseph Daul said: „This Internet site is against all European principles of freedom because it directly targets a specific group of people. It fosters hate towards a group.”

„Many Polish soldiers died during the Second World War while liberating the Netherlands. Polish immigrants work in the Netherlands, pay taxes and are valuable assets in the Dutch economy. The Netherlands should be proud on its Middle and Eastern Euorpean immigrants”, continued Joseph Daul.

In the EPP Group we believe that EU citizens should feel at home in all 27 Member States. „Problems can be solved by dialogue and not by looking for shape goats”, concluded Joseph Daul.

Gepubliceerd op Polonia.NL 11.02.2012
– Uitgever: STEP – Stichting van Poolse Experts in Nederland , lees meer over ons

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