Portugal announced that it will lift restrictions on workers’ mobility from new EU-member states.

Hungarians in action
During a Council meeting on 10th
of March with French President Jacques Chirac, Hungary’s President
Laszlo Solyom asked for restrictions on workers from new members to be
lifted by France. „We talked about the fact that new member states do
not accept being treated as second-class members,” Mr. Solyom said
after the meeting, adding: „We disagree with limitations to the free
movement of workers.”

6 out of 15 – free access
The number of countries with free access to a labour market from 1 May 2006 is 6 out of old 15 EU-members. These are UK, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, Finland and Portugal.

Other countries:
• France will soon going to present its position, ahead of the 1 May dead-line.
• Germany and Austria made it clear that they will extend the measures for at least another three years.
• Belgium will do so but possibly for a shorter period.
• Other countries, including Denmark, Italy, the Netherlands and Greece, have avoided positioning themselves so far but will have to take a decision by 1 May 2006.

Source: euractiv