Youngsters from an ethnic minority background with the same cv, accent and clothing as the native  Dutch are far less likely to find a job through an employment agency, according to new research for the social affairs ministry.

Once invited for an interview, the native Dutch person was offered the job on 44% of the occasions. Those with an ethnic minority background were offered the job 23% of the time.

The research „Discriminatiemonitor niet-westerse migranten op de arbeidsmarkt” concerned people of  non-Western (Moroccan, Turkish, Surinamese and Antillean) origin in The Netherlands and  was done by the government’s socio-cultural institute SCP showed  (p.124 Summary in English).

The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights is preparing a report on exploitation of Poles and other citizens from Central and Eastern Euope working in The Netherlands. Results will be published in June 2013  – read in Dutch

Opublikowane na portalu Polonia.NL 17.12.2012
– Wydawca portalu: STEP – Stowarzyszenie Ekspertów Polskich w Holandii. Czytaj o nas

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