After September 11 the Muslims took a beating. Now it’s the turn of eastern and southern Europeans. It is the next trend in western European xenophobia – writes Financial Times in its first story about what is going in The Netherlands since 8th of February when the Wilders’s party opened a website where people can lodge complaints on East European labour migrants.

As now Muslim-bashing, is going out of fashion  „Wilders has spotted the next trend in western European xenophobia: bashing of eastern and southern Europeans. That hostility is now passing from newspaper headlines into daily life, and looks set to worsen” – writes Simon Kuper, journalist of FT, who knows the Dutch as he was brought up in The Netherlands.

Very interesting story, you should read it! the whole story FT 24.02.2012 Bravo Simon Kuper!

One can ask why will hostility worsen? The answer is simple – the recession and the financial problems will make the divisions in Europe only bigger. We see already northern Europe complaining about Greeks, German-bashing in Greece, unemployed Spaniards seeking jobs in Germany, Holland.

Solidarity has dissolved in Europe. Worrisome times ahead of us in Europe… What can we do about it?

Read our story about the situation of Polish migrants in The Netherlands „Dear Dutch people”  (published also in De Volkskrant)

PRESS: “Poles fight back against Dutch intolerance” 20.04.2011
PRESS: FT on restrictive measures of Dutch politics: target Poles and EU-labour migrants -24.04.2011

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