BBC NEWS Europe: 'Dutch gripped by 'shop a migrant’ website’

Our quotes:

  • Wilders is getting wilder, that is a fact’ – Godfried Engbersen, professor of sociology at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.
  • The Freedom Party has been forced to seek new scapegoats, and now it is targeting the Eastern Europeans – Godfried Engbersen.
  • This is a moment of xenophobia, for our own sake we have to do something to stop it. The backbone of our country is international trade. Eastern Europe is extremely important for the Netherlands’ – the chairman of the Netherlands Confederation of Industry and Employers, Bernard Wientjes.
  • The government should distance itself from the website’ – Bernard Wientjes.

According to the national statistics bureau, there are about 300,000 workers from Central and Eastern Europe currently based in the Netherlands. Four out of five of them are Polish.
That compares to an estimated 168,00 first generation migrants from Morocco and 197,000 from Turkey.

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Gepubliceerd op Polonia.NL 18.02.2012
– Uitgever: STEP – Stichting van Poolse Experts in Nederland , lees meer over ons

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