Geert Wilders’ anti-immigration PVV party has launched a new website where people can report complaints about central and eastern European immigrants in the Netherlands.

'Do you have problems with people from central and eastern Europe? Have you lost your job to a Pole, Bulgarian, Romanian or other eastern European? We want to know,’ the website states.

The website is illustrated by newspaper headlines such as 'Wouldn’t it be better if you went back?’ and 'Eastern Europeans, increasingly criminal’.


PVV parliamentarian Ino van de Besselaar told the AD the aim of the site is to develop proper insight into the 'problems caused by central and eastern Europeans in terms of crime, alcoholism, drugs use, dumping household waste and prostitution’.

The results will be delivered to social affairs minister Henk Kamp.

NEWS: Partia Wildersa zaprasza w internecie do składania donosów na Polaków

PRASA: Wywiad z ambasadorem Stańczykiem w De Volkskrant, krytyka Holandii za stosunek do polskich migrantów / Attitude to Poles 'borders on discrimination’, says ambassador – 25.02.2011

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    • 08.02.2012


    • – Uitgever: STEP – Stichting van Poolse Experts in Nederland , lees meer

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