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Nasze gratulacje dla: Joanny Hendriks-Guść

Urodzona: w 1975 r. w Poznaniu
Gdzie pracuje: Od lutego 2007 Joanna wykłada rachunkowość zarządcza na Uniwersytecie Groningen
Data i miejsce obrony pracy doktorskiej: 8.10.2007 w Wageningen
Promotor: prof. S.W.F. Omta

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Tytuł pracy doktorskiej: Headquarters-subsidiary relationship governance in emerging markets of Central Eastern Europe. A study in Poland, więcej o książce (po ang)

Multinational enterprises often seem to be on a 'roller coaster’
when managing their operations in transition economies, especially
because of the volatile business and political environment. By
combining agency and stewardship theory, this book describes the subtle
equilibrium between formal control and day-to-day coordination in the
Headquarters-Subsidiary (HQ-S) governance relationship. Using the
Polish situation as an example, it places HQ-S governance in the
context of a transitional economy while taking the cultural differences
between the headquarters and subsidiary country into account.

This explorative empirical study shows that the use of strategic and
operational control mechanisms work as a transparent 'platform’ on
which coordination and attuning mechanisms can be build to deal with
the day-to-day management challenges in a transition economy. Creating
flexibility and learning capabilities at the subsidiary level, rather
than maintaining a subsidiary in a state of dependence can clearly
contribute to the success of international operations. However, it also
reveals that there is no simple and uniform recipe for managing
subsidiaries. The road from governance to performance is not a one-way
street and alternative routes are available to accelerate performance.

This book is a valuable resource to all directors and managers of
multinational enterprises, as well as academic researchers who concern
themselves with the study of multinational enterprises in transition

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