Poznań June ’56 was the first mass social protest against the
communist regime which led to political changes and paved the way to
the full independence of Poland. Polish revolt have triggered off a
wave of protests throughout Hungary.

The information concerning these events reached the West and showed
the true colors of socialist democracy to the public opinion.

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland has the honour to invite to
the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Poznań June ‘56: Poznań June 1956 – Uprising, protest or revolt ?

4 October 2006 at 17.00
at the University of Amsterdam
Faculty of Economics
Roetersstraat 11

– Opening of the Exhibition „Forbidden remembrance – pictures of  the Poznań June ‘56”
– Documentary
– Presentations and debate:

Prof. Jerzy Eisler – historian, specialist in contemporary Polish history
Dr Martin van den Heuvel – Eastern Europe historian
Dr László Maracz – Eastern Europe specialist
Mr Jan Minkiewicz – journalist, historian

– Reception