Prezydent RP Komorowski i Prezydent USA Obama w Warszawie A Solidarity poster with Gary Copper as a sheriff  is an icon of communism’s fall in Poland.

One of icons of communism’s fall in Poland in Poland 25 years ago is a poster that the opposition Solidarity party used to encourage voters to the polls.

Plakat wyborczy czerwiec 1989


Based on the poster for Fred Zinnemann’s popular 1952 western film “High Noon”, it features Gary Cooper. But instead of a gun, the actor holds a ballot in his hand. The logo of Solidarity is displayed behind him, and at his feet reads the inscription „High noon, June 4, 1989.”


Prezydent RP Komorowski i Prezydent USA Obama w Warszawie fot.
Polish president Komorowski showed US President Obama this poster during his vist to Poland 3-4 June 2014 to celebrate 25th Anniversary of  Freedom. It shows in a symbolic way an affinity between Poles and Americans: Gary Cooper as an  an American link to the Polish succes in 1989. One can even say from the beginning Polish democracy had an American footprint.

Look at our Facebook-page since 2012 we have Solidarity-sheriff  Gary Cooper as our main photo.


Tweet van Amerikaanse ambassadeur in Polen over ons artikel

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