A visual diary of Wanda Michalak – Polish photographer living and working in Amsterdam.

Wanda Michalak: Switzerland 2005

„My passion is portrait. And landscape. And travelling. I try to
combine them. My landscapes are portraits of nature. The naked body
becomes landscape. Portrait, nude, landcape, and self-portrait are
united to form a single image. Within it, I become a part of nature.
Even the most beautiful place might not be chosen if I don’t „feel” it.
A place should allow me to discover myself, I have to „fall in love”
with it. Perhaps that is why I stand naked in landscapes. Eve in the
garden of paradise? Perhaps. My auto-portraits show a world which is
beautiful, pristine, romantic. A world that could be, that is, in fact,
it just needs to be rediscovered. The „World Watching” series is a
visual diary, a chronicle of places and emotions. A lot of fun, fear
sometimes, enchantment, and dissappointment.
Simply put – I love to be landscape. „
Wanda Michalak

Serie of black & white self-portraits in landscapes. A unique photographic diary covering the period 1992 – 2006 (see & order)

Opening of the exhibition together with the launch of the photobook on Saturday, 11th of November 2006 at 17 hours.
Gallery Wanda Michalak,
Elandsgracht 35, 1016 TN Amsterdam, tel. +31(20) 421 1113, opening
hours  2-6 pm Thu, Fri, Sat & 1st Sun.

Wanda Michalak: Royal NP, Australia 2004