A portrait can be a kind of dialogue between the photographer and the person being photographed.

It is the dialogue during which the line between assumed pose and unconstrained, natural behavior is difficult.

Wanda Michalak
in her series of portraits does not entirely comply with all these
rules. She aptly named this series of photographs „Dialogues Dialogues”
It is not just her that is having a conversation with her subjects but
the subjects too are communicating among each other. Perhaps they are
not doing it in a direct way – the photographs seem to be posed or even
staged – but some of these pictures when juxtaposed do open new and
unexpected associations.

The exhibition is on show in Gallery WM, Elandsgracht 35, Amsterdam. Opening: Sat. 6 May, 17 -19 hours.

Wanda Michalak
Born in Warsaw, Poland. Works and lives in Amsterdam.
Education: Carrington Polytechnic Design School, Auckland, New Zealand
Selected exhibitions:
2006 – „Bonsoir Madame La Lune” Six Images Gallery, Amsterdam
„Dialogues Dialogues” Gallery WM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2005 – Jaarboek -Gkf – (group)exhibition, Kolderveen, The Netherlands
„(5 years later the) Men (are still) About”, Gallery WM 5 Years Jubilee, Amsterdam
„Dialogues, dialogues” – Gallery Arka, Vilnius, Lithuania
2004 – „World Watching” Polish Culturel Institut, Sofia, Bulgaria
„Ego Ik Zelf” Melkweg Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
„If you go into the woods today…”, Pauza, Krakow, Poland
„Van bossen en bomen”, Melkweg Galerie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2003 –  „If you go to the woods today…” (group exhibition) Gallery WM, Amsterdam
„Dialogues, dialogues” (solo exhibition) Mala Galeria, ZPAF, Warsaw

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