EXHIBITION: Zbigniew Kosc – 'New York 1993′ black & white photographs

Six Images Photo Gallery invites to the opening Friday, 15.10.2004, 17.30h

Back in 1993, Zbigniew Kosc departed for New York to illustrate a book about the city. The plan was in only two weeks to document the famous buildings and landmarks in a classic black and white style reminiscent of Bernice Abbott. But he was soon overtaken by the city and things changed.

The historical documents became filled with atmosphere creating a film-like style reflecting the true emotions and energy of New York City; a place both lively and lonely, both dark and monumental.

Zbigniew Kosc (1951, Poland) is interested in classical culture, anthropology and architecture. He is especially known for his photographs of Athos, the monastic community in Greece (see ATHOS, U,Bär Verlag, Zurich, Switzerland, 1988). He has also photographed the ancient ruins of Egypt, Kurdistan and the architecture of such world cities as Florence, Rome, London and St. Petersburg.

Zbigniew Kosc received a Ph.D. in social psychology but later studied photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, where he has been based since 1980. His
photographs have been published world-wide and frequently exhibited in such places as Canon Image Centre Amsterdam, Architectural Association of London and Wereldmuseum Rotterdam. His upcoming exhibition at Noorderlicht Photofestival (Leeuwarden 4 September – 24 October 2004) will feature his photographs of Islamic Cairo.

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