An entertaining look at the impact of immigration from Eastern Europe on the UK society

The Poles are coming BBC Two 22 hours – 11.03.2008

According to some of the locals, Peterborough is being stretched to breaking point by the influx of Eastern Europeans, attracted to the area by the promise of high wages and decent living conditions in exchange for manual labour. Employers are delighted with their Polish recruits, but some residents want the Poles to go home.

They’re not alone. The Polish city of Gdansk wants its workers back. Its shipyards are struggling without them and there aren’t enough men to build the football stadium ready for Euro 2012. This prompts Gdansk’s leaders to visit Peterborough to plead for the return of their workers.

Can the Polish immigrants be tempted home and how will the local economy cope if they left? Award-winning documentary filmmaker Tim Samuels follows the global success of The Zimmers, the OAP pop group he brought to BBC Two, with this wry examination on the impact of immigration on one typical English city.

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published on webportal Polonia.NL 11.02.2008