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Two years ago, a small group of students asked themselves a question in Latin, Quo Vadis?  In other words, “where are we going”, as a new, young Polish generation?  They put forth a leadership challenge for like-minded people and organized the first Quo Vadis conference held in Ottawa, the capital of Canada.

A year later the Quo Vadis conference emerged in Windsor, Ontario, building bridges between young Americans and Canadians of Polish descent, and opening the doors to a greater cooperation and dialogue among the students and young professionals of the global Polish diaspora.

As we prepare for the third Quo Vadis conference, the world and especially Poland is rife with opportunities for the new visionaries, the innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, collaborators and leaders who will take part in the conference.  It is the purpose of Quo Vadis 3 to provide the tools for success needed for Poland’s best young minds, at home and abroad, to achieve the goals and answers they seek when they ask the question where are we going? Quo Vadis?

The organizers of Quo Vadis 3: Tools of Success are currently accepting applications from young, vibrant and motivated students and young professionals to fill fifty spots – twenty-five students, and twenty-five young professionals – at this year’s annual Quo Vadis conference, held in Toronto, Canada between May 13th and 15th 2011.

All successful applicants will travel to Toronto as soon as May 11th for a pre-organized and fully-paid tour of the Greater Toronto Area.

The cost of attending this conference is 140€ for young professionals, 95€ for students, and 30€ for those from Eastern Europe.

All other registration, transportation, accommodation, and meal costs are covered through the generous sponsorship of the Senate of the Republic of Poland.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: European Delegation for Quo Vadis 3: Tools for Success

Each potential European delegate for the Quo Vadis 3: Tools for Success conference must:

1.      Prove citizenship of any European state (not limited to the EU), and be of Polish descent.
2.      Be between the age of 18 and 35 as of May 15th 2011.
3.      Be considered either a student or young professional.
4.      Possess working knowledge of the English language.
5.      Be considered any two of the following:
a.      Be a leader and valuable contributor to your local Polonia organization(s) with a minimum of two years of involvement; or if of Polish citizenship, be socially or politically active in Poland for at least the last two years.
b.     Be a current student or graduate of a post-secondary institution anywhere in Europe.
c.      Be currently working, or have previously worked or interned for, any public service sector of any European state, any European non-governmental organization, or the European Union or any related or affiliate organization.
6.      Successfully complete the designated application form, in its entirety.
*No more than five delegates can represent one European state.

more here – registration till 12th of April 2011

  • Trwa rekrutacja uczestników konferencji Quo Vadis III – zachęcamy do wysyłania zgłoszeń.

Konferencja odbędzie się w 13-15 maja 2011 roku w Toronto (Kanada) pod hasłem „Droga do Sukcesu”. Organizatorzy mają do rozdysponowania 50 miejsc dla uczestników z Europy. Wybrane osoby otrzymają całkowity zwrot kosztów związanych z zakwaterowaniem, wyżywieniem oraz transportem.

Jak informuje Maciej Bator, ze Stowarzyszenia Emigracji Polskiej, wszystkie nadesłane drogą elektroniczną zgłoszenia otrzymane do 12 kwietnia zostaną poddane weryfikacji przez komisję rekrutacyjną. Będzie się ona składać z przedstawicieli Stowarzyszenia Emigracji Polskiej, Stowarzyszenia Szkoły Liderów Polonijnych oraz Senatu Rzeczpospolitej Polskiej.

Formularz zgłoszeniowy można pobrać z oficjalnej strony konferencji

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