This is to express our support for the stand taken by and for the person of Bronislaw Geremek as regards his European Parliament mandate.

Apart from the legal aspects which are a matter for the appropriate
authorities, we address the moral and political dimension of this

Bronislaw Geremek is an exemplary representative of
Poland in Europe. His highly respected academic career, his courageous
role in Solidarnosc, his successful period as foreign minister of
Poland, his chairmanship of the European Committee in the Polish
Parliament which prepared the way for Polish EU accession through the
speedy adoption of the acquis communautaire – all bear testament to his
outstanding contribution and ability.

He has taken a stand in principle by refusing to sign a certificate
of non-collaboration with the secret services of Polish Communism. As
with so much else in his life, this morally courageous stand says less
about the law or his person, but is more about the prevailing political
climate in Poland and its unhappy echoes of the intolerance of
McCarthyism in the USA in the 1950s.

This respected son of Poland deserves better. He has our full support.

Pat Cox, President of the European Movement International (EMI)
Olivier Hinnekens, Vice-President of the EMI
Catherine Lalumière, Vice-President of the EMI
Jo Leinen,
Vice-President of the EMI
Charles Ferdinand Nothomb, Vice-President of the EMI
Edvard Outrata, Vice-President of the EMI