Theme of the conference
In recent years, public
attitude towards European cooperation has been characterized by a
strongly economic orientation: EU seems to serve mainly economic
interests. However, there is also a growing skepticism:EU seems
needlessly complicated, undemocratic, and far removed from the citizens.

This conference focuses on the non-economic dimension of EU, i.e. the values and ideals behind European cooperation.
ideals were behind the founding of EU. Are these ideals and values
still valid, or have they lost their hold? Which values are the driving
force in EU today?

As sources of inspiration three thinkers about unity-in-diversity are taken: Robert Schuman, Mahatma Gandhi and Pope John Paul II.
What was, and is, the relevance of their ideas for European integration?

Date: 13 March 2007

10.00 arrival, registration and reception of participants at The Hague University, Main building (Plein)
10.35 all participants be seated (Aula)
10.45 opening of the conference and speech by His Royal Highness Prince Constantijn
11.00 first Roundtable, moderated by prof. dr. B. Hoetjes
• brief introduction/statement on Robert Schuman by drs. N.G.M. Wegter, European Commission
• brief introduction/statement on Mahatma Gandhi by Her Excellency the Ambassador of India, mrs. N.D. Sabharwal
• first round of discussion

12.00 – 13.00 lunch

13.00 first Roundtable, continued
• brief introduction/statement on Pope John Paul II by prof. dr. F.A.M. Alting von Geusau
• completing the first round of discussion
13.30 – 14.45 workshops
Three workshops elaborate the statements and the discussion:
1. Ideals: the founding fathers and their heritage.
Moderator: drs. C. Nigten
Panelists: drs. F. Termes, drs. N.G.M. Wegter, dr. P. van Velthoven, D. Sassioti
2. Values: religion and secularism in European integration.
Moderator: P. Pijlman
Panelists: drs. B. van den Bergh, prof. dr. F.A.M. Alting von Geusau, drs. M. Krijtenburg
3. Inspiration: perspectives from outside Europe – India, U.S.A., Canada.
Moderator: prof. dr. B. Hoetjes
Panelists: dr. H. Veldman, dr. D. Kooiman

14.45-15.15 tea break (Plein)

15.15 second Roundtable, moderated by prof. dr. B. Hoetjes
• summary/presentation of workshop discussions
• views from The Hague University students on European ideals and values
• plenary discussion

16.00 closing of the conference, followed by cultural presentations, displays, information stands and reception (Plein).

Place: The Hague University, Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, The Hague
A conference is organized by The Hague University (lectorate
European Public Management), The Hague School for European Studies and
the Netherlands Society for International Affairs.

Admission: free, but advance registration required for all participants.
Send an email with your name and address to, closing date for registrations: 3 March